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    Question From Dirt to Pavement

    I've been riding dirt bikes since i was 11, (now i'm 18) and I wanna get a road bike

    What are the good courses that BC (Vic, or Van) has to offer? I have to get the class 6, but I hear anyone can pass that, so what are the courses that keep you alive on the road? I'll be living in the Yukon for the summer (yes they have pavement), so i'd rather do the quality courses in BC.

    I'm also looking for a second hand bike for around $3000. I'm swinging towards a semi situp position one. I hear that the SV650's are awesome bikes, or a GT hawk. What are some other nice sport bikes (around a 600cc) in this price range?

    Thanks for the help

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    don't think you're too likely to find an SV650 in the $3000 price range. ninja 500's are pretty nice. they're easy to learn on, and have decent power. (you'll also save some money on insurance, since you're a young 'un)

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    Vancouver Island Safety Council was where I learned to ride in Victoria 9 years ago. They are associated with BC Safety Council here in Vancouver. Both do a great job IMO.

    Thumbs up on the SV650. The Honda Hawk is also good, but it hasn't been made for a few years now and you'll find more bikes/parts/accessories readily available for the SV.

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    Awesome, thanks for the info.

    When did they start making the SV650? I'm looking for anything thats a bit sporty for 3grand. So for 3g i think i would pick up an 80's bike, or early 90's.

    About how much would it cost for insruance, i've got a clean sheet, but i'm 18?

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    I seriously doubt you'll get an SV in any sort of rideable condition for 3grand. They are all too new.

    I'm actually amazed at how nice a bike my track F2 really is. The riding position is not at all stretched out for a sportbike and it's totally operator friendly. Check out F2's and F3's (the F2's slightly younger brother). Both are cut from the same branch with the F3 being more of an update of the F2 rather than a whole new design but the F3 has nicer suspension and brakes.

    And Honda makes it super easy to get parts. I've never waited more than 4 working days for anything. Usually I get what I need in one or two working days. This goes for my old 82 CBX as well as the 92 F2. Always a good thing when you're in some remote place that has a whole 5 kms of pavement....
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    What cc does the CB have? Do they make a cb6?

    How are the GS models, or what about the Katana?

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    I also did the exact same transition as you, at about the same age. I had ridden for about ten years on dirt and moved onto the street. It worked very well for me, you have a good foundation of skills. You will find a few things awkward at first as you move onto the street. I still get the urge to put the inside foot into the turn at times. It was actually almost scary at first doing quick turns and keeping the foot on the peg. Also, I still at times try to maneuver the bike underneath me rather than being right with it in the turn. I was used to letting the bike float underneath me and now I am learning to move with it. Anyway, too much info I'm sure. Look at the 250 and 500 ninja, I really like the ninja 250, never ridden a 500 but I am sure it is at least as good. Good luck, and yes the SV650 is great but there are few to be had for under 5000$. Good luck, have fun. Angus.
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