Any experience on the '97 YZF 750?
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Thread: Any experience on the '97 YZF 750?

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    Any experience on the '97 YZF 750?

    Local dealer has this in stock, and just might be in the price range for this year, so was wondering if anyone has ridden one or has heard from someone who has.
    I like the full fairing look of it, though not a huge fan of the red and white.
    Looks like the previous owner had a low speed crash on it. The shop has checked it out and no serious damage other then some scraping on the right side, the exhaust, and the lower fairing got spanked a bit. Nothing too serious, just an irritation.
    Its a bigger bike, but I don't mind that. At 6'2" I prefer bikes with some more room for my frame.
    Think the first mod I would do on it would be replace the exhaust, not only to replace the dinged up one, but I wouldn't mind a bigger can on it (insert can envy phrase here).
    Mainly what I am looking for is what people have found the handling of it like, or any "expected" problems they have run into.
    Haven't seen any others like it in town, and was also thinking on difficulty of finding some parts for it, such as replacement fairings.
    Not looking to do any track racing on it (though would be neat to get out and putter around a track just to see what its like), mainly just a ton of commuting and after work riding.
    Any info you might have would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Prez rides a 750.
    maybe try PM'ing him.

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    its blue
    how much do they want for it? That figures into the calculation of whether the bike is "worth it".

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    Negotiating it now. Ideally I am trying to get it for 4k, but not sure what sort of offer is going to come back.

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    My buddy has one that I've ridden. I guess it's just my body type, but it felt REALLY cramped to me, all Yamahas do.
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    There's nothing wrong with that bike, or it's larger brother, the YZF 1000. Both are excellent softer focus sportbikes. Both have the sweetness of a Genesis motor, modern chassis dynamics and OK brakes, barring some warpage issues. They are heavy for their displacement and power, compared to new bikes but, That's to be expected and for 4K, they are tough to beat. They are underrated so, don't spend too much, since there won't be 45 other customers kicking down the door behind you.

    Here's a link or two:


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    One of the guys I ride with has one. It's a really good all around sportbike. It doesn't have the speed or power of say an r1 but its suspension is pretty trick. His has a complete ohlins factory setup. I'd definitely consider it.
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    A black one
    Nice bike .Yamaha missed on the graphics,but thats about the only complaint you ever hear on it.Theres a guy in Kelowna here that has one with a blue Team Yamaha paint job on it.It looks awesome.
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