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    Looking for Riders

    Hey all,
    Looking to get a group of riders together for the South Surrey White Rock area..... I know I know lets nip this in the bud.... Langly, aldergorve, delta, ect...ect... yes its ok...
    If you want to come out this way to meet not a problem...
    Myself and a couple other riders out this way were looking to hook up with the riders in out area "South Surrey White Rock" so when someone can't ride their is someone who can.. Monday to monday we all know everyone has different days off so We thought this little hookup would be cool..

    psIf you want to do a hookup in your area then start a differnt string ok

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    Im always ready to meet some more locals to ride with
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    I wish.
    I'm not going to move it as it isn't a paticular ride, but that's what the 'I'm going for a ride' forum is for.

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