Front wheel noise???
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Thread: Front wheel noise???

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    Front wheel noise???

    I own a 2002 SV650S with about 4,400 k's on it.

    I low sided it about 2 weeks ago going around 50k. I don't know if that has any revelance to my question.

    I have just noticed a sound coming from my front end. It reminds me of when I owned a mountain bike and I bent the rim causing it to rub against my brake.... Anyways my front tire on my bike is not bent but I am hearing a faint noise, reminiscent of something scraping....

    Is it possible for the brakes to be sticking, especially with such low km's on the bike??? That is the only thing I can think of that might be casuing the noise, if that isn't it what else could be the problem?????

    If you have any input please let me know.....


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    How about you lift up the front end using a jack of some sort under the motor and somehow keep the bike stable( use stands of some sort at he back?) and spin the wheel, see where the sound is coming from.
    Maybe you got something stuck in the brakes( leaf, tree branch,rock,etc) or maybe a speedo cable rubbing against something. maybe you have a bad wheel bearing but that doesnt seem very likely.....but just in case, grab the wheel at 6 and 12 o'clock and try to feel any play.

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    I hate to even suggest it but your lowside may have tweaked either a rotor or (gasp) one of your front caliper mounts so the pads are scuffing.

    But check the cheaper and simpler things first as mentioned in Greeneyes post.

    If you don't have a stand for the front end then a comealong to lift the front end under a garage rafter or somethinglike that is very handy (as in totally required to check this out). Otherwise you'll have to take it to the shop of your choice for a qualified look see.
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