Good product for painting frames etc.
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Thread: Good product for painting frames etc.

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    Good product for painting frames etc.

    So I tried a product DOM16 ? It's Canadian, offered at Lordco, and is simliar to POR15. I just painted some rusty parts and left them in my unheated garage. Nice tough cured finish the next day. Just plugging a Canadian company.

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    Thanks! I've been looking for a product like this. Should it only be applied to surface rust or could it be applied to layered, scaley rust as well? I want to treat the inside of a rocker panel on a rusty civic but it's in a hard to reach area and I'm not sure that I could clean the area properly. I'm hoping that if it's runny enough, I can just saturate the area and it'll penetrate all the way to the base metal.

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    can you post an update after few months as to how the paint holds up? it does say you can apply over rusted surface, hmmmm by the way is it glossy or matte?
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    Seems from the website it only comes in clear, gray and black.
    Which really doesn't work for all of the metal stuff I want to paint.
    Its one thing to make a great tool, its another to paint it a drab color.
    Although, I'm interested too in its ability to prevent rust over time.
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