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    Arrow Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

    Don't scold me if you've seen this before; it's new to me.

    Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

    Watch the movie called "Terry's World" at the bottom left coner of the screen. OMG, the first time I saw this I laughed so hard I was in tears!! Anyone who has seen and enjoyed the movie "Office Space" will appreciate "Terrible Terry Tate".

    Yes, you need to register to watch these movies. Just enter an email address(can be fictional) and a password.
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    THat was killer!

    I had to watch the other two , after the first just to quench the fix!

    I was waiting for the double tag-spin hit in "Draft-Day"..thank god i wasn't let down.....BEEEAUTIIIFULLL!

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    that was sweeeet... i tried to use abc@abc.com ... it was taken... i'm so unimaginative...

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    terrible terry tate!!

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    fuk.....never laughed so hard man....where do i apply for that job

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    I never knew there were more! Thanks for the link, their hillarious.
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