Motorcycle Alarm- Group Buy??
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Thread: Motorcycle Alarm- Group Buy??

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    A2 Racing

    Motorcycle Alarm- Group Buy??

    Hi everyone,

    Seeing all the theft that's been going around the past while, I've decided to invest in a good, immobilising alarm for my bike.

    I've seen the 3rd watch alarms with pagers and must admit that's an awesome looking system but a little too pricey for my "student budget".

    If you're interested, I've posted up on other motorcycle sites regarding a group buy for the, Cheetah Brand Mototcycle Alarms Systems. These have a lot of options, but without the paging system.

    They are imported so the more I order the betterr the price.

    The feature:

    -Random Code Technology (Prevent code grabber)
    -Build in Powerful Piercing Siren (120db)
    - Long Range Remote Control
    - Turn signal flashing confirmation/trigger
    -Water Splash Proof
    - Build in 2 stage Adjustable Shock Sensor
    -Temporary Disable Shock Sensor
    - Build in Current Sensor (Prevent Hotwire)
    -Passive Arming/Disarming
    - Ignition Cut Circuit (Engine Immobiliser)
    - Silence Arming/Disarming
    - Remote Panic Siren
    - Automatic System Reset
    - Remote Vehicle Locator
    - Low Power Consumption
    - Alarm Triggered LED Indicator ***
    -Optional Output for custom devices

    ---Package comes with : -
    1 x Controller Unit with inbuilt adjustable shock sensor
    2 x Remote Radio Key Fobs with Random Code Technology (battery included)
    2 x Mounting Screws
    1 x Wire Harness with 6 color coded wire and easy connector to Controller Unit.
    1 x Led Holder
    Instruction manual and installation wiring diagram

    ---Easy 6 main installation wiring from wire harness to the bike's:-
    15A() Battery positive terminal
    5A() Battery positive terminal
    () Battery negative terminal
    () Direction signal lights
    () Acc Ignition Key (>10 volt)
    Optional wiring from controller unit:-
    () Ignition Coil (immobiliser)
    () -ve Trigger Input (accessories protection)

    As it sits I have myself and three friends ordering, but if I can get 15-20 orders the price will go down again.

    They retail for $119.95US (MSRP $179.95), but we can get them for $50-54.00US plus shipping. (about $71-75 Canadian plus shipping)

    I'm not a retailer or anything, just want to get some good products in for anyone interested at awesome prices.
    If anyone is interested email me: or pm.
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    A2 Racing


    Hey Everyone,

    Thank you for all the inquiries.

    I didn't get the amount of people for a group buy, BUT I'm still ordering a few units to keep for myself and friends. The rest will be on EBAY.

    If anyone is interested in buying one, you can have it for $80US shipped to your door.

    Let me know if you're interested

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