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Thread: Tire store?

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    Tire store?

    What's a good motorcycle tire store? I have a leaking problem with my rear tire. It's not the valve... I can't find any nails or holes in the tires... Need a tire store to find out what's wrong with the tire...
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    just mix some soap and water in a spray bottle and soak the whole thing.it'll bubble were its leakin.

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    Spray just the bead though, don't spray your entire tire! Easiest way is to make the soapy water solution as J1K mentioned and use a brush or a rag to apply the solution to your tire bead (the part where the tire meets the rim).
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    A capful (or a tablespoon's worth) into a liter of water. Swab that over your tire and bead area with an old rag (not your wife's or mother's finest dishcloth) and you'll see the bubbles.

    Just because you don't see a nail doesn't mean you didn't pick up a hole from some steel wire or something. But it can just as easily be the bead.

    I had a clip on tire weight on the bead of my rim on one set of tires and it always leaked enough that I needed to top off the tire once a week or so. Totally annoying.
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