Who's got an RS-Taichi Mawus (Inner) Suit (Summer use)??
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Thread: Who's got an RS-Taichi Mawus (Inner) Suit (Summer use)??

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    Who's got an RS-Taichi Mawus (Inner) Suit (Summer use)??

    Pics here:

    Click under accessories - Mawus Suit


    Its worn in the summertime to keep you cool under you suit. Its that blue thing you see the guys of Sport Rider wearing during those track tests in the blazin' heat, esp. in that edition where they did the enduro run on the ducatis.

    I'm thinkin' of getting one. Its only 60 bucks US. Talked to Rob in December, said that they were in stock, but guess they are out cause they don't have any in stock right now. But more coming soon. There's also one for the winter that keeps you warm and blocks out "ALL" wind.

    So anyone that already was lucky enough or smart enough to get one let me know if its worth getting one.. (i.e. If it works and its only 100 bucks, then HELL YEAH I'm gettin' meself one too!)

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