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    Damn thieves

    A few months ago, my girlfriend’s car was broken into in my underground. To rub it in, a week later when she gets her car fixed, it gets broken into again in the same place.

    Anyway, a few weeks ago my buddy drops me off at home after a Canucks game. Being the nice guy I am (haha), I held the door open for a neighbor – so I thought. I heard some foot steps from around the corner and held the door (normally locked) open blindly. In walks this fucking skid drug addict. The first thing he does is ask if I like his rings. WTF? He’s got about 16 of those death rings on his fingers and is waving them 6 inches from my face. He’s wearing a dark grey Columbia ski jacket with the hood up and a backpack. Christ, I’m not getting in the elevator with this guy. I walk out to wait til he’s gone. This is funny: when I come back he’s still in the same elevator! He says he tried to get to his place on the n-th floor but couldn’t. Funny cause that’s my floor and I know you don’t live there. You’re just here to break into cars and I bet you’re the one who broke into my girlfriend’s car! I get out of the elevator but he doesn’t follow me luckily.

    Fuck, I think, I let this guy in my apartment and I have to get his faggot ass out of there. I get the concierge and we look for him. We find him looking at cars in resident parking and ask him to leave. He shows us his rings again and looks like he’s on edge but leaves without incident. Christ, I wanted to kick his ass right there. Anyway, the cops come and they say they know the guy from my description. He’s always around when there is a rash of car break-ins. Well, I learned something that night – don’t be nice to anyone and take responsibility for your actions. This week, at least a dozen cars have been broken into in the underground. I should have kicked his ass when I had the chance.

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    Yes...you should have kicked his ass. You should have just gotten the fire extinguisher and drilled him over the head with it. "Whoops". Oh well, next time man
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    At least you didn't turn a total blind eye, go home and off to sleep like the majority of people would do.
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    You let people follow you into your building? skid or not? hope you dont live in my building I'd kick YOUR ass.

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