If you want to buy it PM me an offer! Either way, I'm interested in getting a laptop!!


Chaintech 7VJL Motherboard (updated version)
AMD Athon XP 1800+
512MB DDR Samsung PC2700
ATI Powered Radeon 8500LE 128MB
IBM Deskstar ATA100 40GB 2MB Cache (might be willing to give up my Western Digital 80GB drive 8MB Cache drive, depending on the laptop)
Acer 4X4X32 Burner (old, so doesn't count!)
4 USB 2.0 front & 2 back panel slots
Embedded 4-channel Sound Card
10/100 NIC
Logitech Z640 Speaker (4 speakers & subwoofer)

I just bought most of the system and built it in the end of August 2002. If you need a monitor, I also have a 17" CRT or a 19" Flat screen monitor (both made by Samsung).

I'd keep this computer, but I figured a laptop would be more useful for me now that I'm getting back to school!