St Patty's Day...
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Thread: St Patty's Day...

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    St Patty's Day...

    Three Irishmen are sitting in the pub window seat, watching the front door of the brothel over the road. The local Methodist pastor appears, and quickly goes inside.

    "Would you look at that!" says the first Irishman.

    "Didn't I always say what a bunch of hypocrites they are?" No sooner are the words out of his mouth than a Rabbi appears at the door, knocks, and goes inside.

    "Another one trying to fool everyone with pious preaching and stupid hats!" They continue drinking their beer roundly condemning the vicar and the rabbi when they see their own Catholic priest knock on the door.

    "Ach, now dat's terribly sad, so it is." says the third Irishman. "One of the girls must have died.”
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    Where does the Irish family go on vacation? A different bar!!
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    How many potatoes does it take to kill an irishman?

    None. *rimshot*

    What, too soon?

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