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    Hit and Run R6

    Black Grey new R6 (2003) was parked across the street from my g/f's house early afternoon on Thursday May 15, had been parked there since night before. I have no idea who owns it, but was admiring it. I went inside for lunch and when I came out the bike was laying on the left hand side (obviously run over by a vehicle) I saw what kind of vehicle this was (that was previously parked directly infront of it)
    If who ever ownes this bike or who ever knows who owns this bike wants the vehicle type let me know. I feel for this rider. Dunbar Area.
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    since you didnt see the car actually hitting the bike, would your statement be useful to ICBC?


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    Yes it would if there was evidence on the car or bike...marks line up or paint...ect.
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    I don't know about that.

    I parked in a fairly tight spot on the side of the street in my car before. There was a Dodge pickup in front of me and I had this bad feeling I shouldn't park there because I thought he might hit me because of the tightness of the spot. There were no other spots and I had circled the block so many times I said screw it and stayed. I quickly scribbed the model and color of the truck as well as the plate number and went to class.

    Came out about an hour later on a break, truck was gone and I was left with grey paint and dented front end on my brand new car. Long story short ICBC and the cop at ICBC said tough luck and unless I seen him do it I was SOL. It would be a waste of time to investigate if he hit me yada yada yada, I had to pay the hit and run deductable to get the car fixed even though I knew it was him that hit me. I seen the truck there a few times over then next few months I was going to get some pay back but thought better of it. Anyway, the person with the bike might have better luck then I did but they basically said shove off and give us more money please.

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    If in doubt, just say you SAW it happen.

    Aren't you guys tired enough of gettin bent over already?

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    never take the first NO from icbc, I think many people have dealt with icbc and have learned that.
    if the r6 rider has problems, join bccom and use up that free consultation that we get

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    They screwed you over Quasi.
    My bro had a similar but different insident 2 times and cops said that they will go the the persons house to check it out and if there would be at least a small trace on the car they would book the guy.
    They called the person but the bastard didn't admit that he was there at the time of the insident, so with no more proof then a lisence plate number, my bro had to pay hit/run.

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    even if you didnt see it happen you can prove it was them. had it happen to me last month. my car got hit at the gym. a week later, i found the car that hit me, called the police, they agreed that the damage on the 2 cars matched and went to go have a little chat with the owner of the other car. icbc agreed, and i didnt have to pay a thing.

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