How much to extend jacket?
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Thread: How much to extend jacket?

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    How much to extend jacket?

    My jacket is too short in the back, when I lean over on my bike it pulls my pants up my butt, and is a constant pull on my shoulders. Suffice to say, not too comfortable!

    It's time to have it extended, but how much??

    My plan was to hop on my bike and have someone unzip the pants from the jacket. However much space gets between the 2 zippers is how much length needs to be added.

    Is this a good idea or is this a good idea??

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    Go to a leather shop like Ralph's in Maple Ridge and talk to him about adding a "stretch zone" in. If he replaces the zippers and stuff, my guess is about $100.
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    Yeah, sounds like a really good idea. Plus your method sounds spot on too. The Aerostitch guys buy this as an option for their two piece outfits, called an 'ellipse'. You might want to download something like this to take into Ralph, though I think he will understand perfectly, plus do you an excellent job. Take him a half sack of decent beer too, he'll appreciate it

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