My bike goes really fast...easily!
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Thread: My bike goes really fast...easily!

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    My bike goes really fast...easily! bike goes really fast...easily!!!

    I just look at the speedo on my VTR when I think I'm doin 90...and I'm at 140!! Damn twin!!

    Anyone know of a good radar dector setup for sportbikes? I'm gonna git totally screwed by tickets unless I sort something out.

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    I suggest you skip the Radar Detector and learn to control your throttle hand. It might just save your life, or someone elses.

    Just my $0.02 cents.

    Please ride safe.

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    none at the moment
    All of our bike go fast...easily , just look at your speedo more often.
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    Originally posted by Eddie
    Ahem, yeeeesssss, it's a sportbike = fast.

    The corrective measure for your speedometer readout problem is a throttle modulation adjustment .

    1. While riding, place your right hand on the throttle position you are comfortable using.
    2. Now, slowly roll your right hand forward.
    3. This should calibrate your speedometer to be closer in line with the posted speed limit signs.

    Good luck.

    Thanks...I think that is the procedure I'll have to go with.

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    Funny thing, I suffered from the exact same phenomenon when I bought my VTR last year.....Must be VTR thing.....

    I was riding home from the dealer and I thought that I was going around 50-60 kph..(no other vehicles on the road to relate speed to)....then I actually looked at the speedo and I was going 90!!! (in a 50 zone)

    ......suddenly pictures of popos started flashing through my mind and I made a concious effort to pay more attention.
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    hey captbennet,

    the throttle works both ways

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    140?? gee thats fast...I wish gixxers could top 140...

    get a speed regulator...u dont we dont wanna hear about u takin a corner too fast and not being able to make it...we've already lost someone becuz of that...

    ride safe
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    Get a 250 Ninja, It should slow you down a little.
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    The Busa does 140 km in 1st gear. Second takes you to 200, third takes you to 240. There's still 3 more gears to go. God damn I love that bike.

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    Originally posted by philtag6000
    Get a 250 Ninja, It should slow you down a little.
    i know what you mean, i'm stuck with one for a couple more months till i get my 500 ;P

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    and it pulls just as hard in 4th, or 5th or 6th...

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