Who the fuck steals a sitski?
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Thread: Who the fuck steals a sitski?

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    Who the fuck steals a sitski?


    Re-posting here to spread the word if anyone somehow hears about it or the thief realizes what he's done and dumps it on the side of the road somewhere and someone spots it.


    Long story short, Matt Thola of Vancouver is paralyzed from the waist down and on March 29th his sitski was stolen by some subhuman fuckrag out of the back of his truck. This is complete bullshit. No idea how someone who does something like that can sleep at night, but it happened. Mags, I know how you all feel about this sort of thing and I know how tight this community is... I wanted to post this here in the hopes that the likelihood of the sitski being recovered would increase, or that his fund to replace it could at least get some love at the very least. Lots of Van mags out there, so hopefully we can help him get his ski legs back one way or another!

    Here is a link to his indiegogo fundraiser to replace the sitski in the event it can't be recovered:
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    I'll see if I can bring some attention to a wider audience ... Yep, total bullshit.

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