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    Almost flipped...

    Um..i used to ride an F4 and pulls some wheelie(needs to give quite a bit of thorttle 1st gear to get the head up)....

    Moved to a 954RR, and last day, after the break in period and oil change, decide to try some wheelie...
    I found a place with a long straight way and not much, 1st gear, 7500rpm, a little bit more than half thorttle and the head rise sooo damn fast(and high)!! i was lucky I shut the thorttle off fast enough(the front SLAMMED back on the ground...ouch!)....the bike felt SOOO much more powerful than my previous F4..
    My friend behind me said I almost went vertical....

    well..just wanna share my experience....guys moving from a 600 to a new liter bike better becareful...

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    hmmmmm uh ya

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    Come on Ben.....WE all know you're secretly smiling with a few giggles while you're thinkin about this.

    I bet you can't wait to get on that same straight stretch again!

    954's is torquey sucka!......and sexy

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    my first high wheelie (although i've only gotten a few down so far) was like that (probably not as high though) and well it ended with me pulling over sitting there smiling laughing going "that was fucking cool" but then apparently im a bit of a nut and if i dont die i find almost anything exciting that'll tempt fate...

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    welcome to the world of the liter bike please clean your shorts and try again
    You wouldn't believe the number of tools you meet selling tools

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