Anyone here do mobile app development?
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Thread: Anyone here do mobile app development?

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    Anyone here do mobile app development?

    I am looking for someone who can develop an app for/with me. Depending on the cost involved, I'm either going to pay cash for the work, or cut you in on the deal if you're interested. It is imperative that the app be cross platform, iOS and Android at the very least, but preferably BB and Windows Phone as well. The design is less important than the functionality of the app, including the server backend. This is not my area of expertise, I don't know anything about app development, but I'll be Steve and you need to be Wozniak.

    The app is related to riding, but will be beneficial for other applications as well. The app has huge potential. I know I can farm this out online/overseas for cheap, but I would prefer to be able to discuss the project face to face to make sure it's done right, and it would certainly help having someone who rides that would understand the huge potential. I am being purposefully vague about the project, more information will be provided with a signed NDA. Please send me a PM if you're interested.

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    check pm... not in the biz myself but i do know someone who's very good at this

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