Hey. I work at Key west ford in new west as a lot guy and we just got a 98' VTR1000 Firestorm, yellow on a trade in.
Details :
98' VTR 1000, tank bra, carbon fiber slip ons ( forgot the brand), looks to be in alright shape but it has very high km's ( 65 thousand) The bike has been down at least once lightly.
Inside rumours have it that it came in for around 4 grand only...I am not sure how much they're willing to sell it for though, but i doubt they'll retail it for any under 5 grand.
I know this forum isnt intended for dealers but theres nothing in it for me and we're not a bike dealer by any means( the whole time i worked here we had 2 harleys, one Vstar 650 and a VLX600, all in the last year or so)