Wheres a good place to buy dainese gear?
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Thread: Wheres a good place to buy dainese gear?

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    Wheres a good place to buy dainese gear?

    i know RMS has them and i did order some stuff from them 'coz it seems that there is no place else to go.
    any good online shops that have good prices on their stuff?
    all ive really found is www.dainese.be
    but their prices arent that gr8.
    i guess RMS with 20% BCSB disc. is the way to go?

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    Yup!! Talk to Rob at R.M.S!!!!

    I guess this post is in response to the responses to your other post huh.
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    ya. i orderd a jacket, gloves, and boots. just deciding on whether or not to get pants. i think i did order from rob.
    im also wondering if there are better places to get dainese gear. i already found much better prices online for the helmet i want.

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    I wish.
    You'll find www.bimoto.be (same site) to be the cheapest place you can find Dainese gear as far as I know. I got my jacket there last year for $400 including a whole bunch of goodies, when MSRP up here is $699CDN+taxes.
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    Haha.. nothing is cheap in Canada... well except Hindle exhausts...
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