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Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
By jove I think I've identified the problem.

Even though we call this places BCSB that doesn't mean it's Badial CSB.

Just because someone starts a thread that does not mean everyone that posts in that thread is talking to them. That's not how the internet works in this case. You're thinking of email and yes if you do have strangers barging in on your exchanges there is a problem with your computer.

A site like this is not a dialogue. It's a collection of competing monologues. The loudest and the best will prevail.
I am sorry Danke but you leave me no option now
GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS THREAD YOU FUCKING MORON STUPID KID WITH TONES OF SELF RESPECT ISSUES I am tired of idiots like u trolling useless shit on this website and then saying this is the way it is get used to it.
Instead of telling me to go dumb and get numb to idiots why don't just smart up yourself.
I ignore to get dumb and fall to your level
No more comments from my part.