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    Fs: Beginner/stunt/track/project Bike

    I'm getting poorer and poorer these days, so i've decided to give up one of my bikes.

    I'm selling a CBR 600 Hurricane.
    Before i say anything else, i should let you know the bike has been dropped before. (NOT BY ME, by the previous owner)

    I've owned it since december, and have since made progress restoring the body so that the bike is at least somewhat presentable on the road. (but really, it's still good from far, but far from good, i've been in school, so it's been a slow process, still ongoing though )

    Since ownership, i have also changed the oil, topped up brake and coolant, and lubed the chain. I plan on doing another oil change sometime this week.

    I've ridden the bike since december without it giving me any problems. But mind you, being a 15 year old bike, it's got it's share of clunks and clicks coming from mysterious places. I had someone look at it when i bought it, and i was told they COULD BE FIXED, but being an old bike, could also be ignored unless II was feeling picky about it, or planned on keeping the bike for years and years to come.

    If you're mechanically inclined and want a project bike this is also perfect for you since it's still running well and there's no severe damage.

    Or if you're looking for a first bike to practise with, or you're a student like me and just need a "cheap" bike you can most definately ride this bike AS IS, just as i have been without having to do anything but work on the body and change the fluids.

    Or if you're looking for a track bike, or a stunt bike, then you can thrash on this ride without feeling guilty.

    I intend to complete my work on the body a little more before I complete any sale since i already have most of the materials. And as i stated earlier, i'll be performing another oil change soon.

    I'm going to start by asking 2400 obo. (not sure if people lowball much here, so thought i'd start a little higher to buffer myself) Feel free to make an offer, but i do have a lower limit in mind since i'm also moving in 2 months and will really be needing the cash in the bank. Thanks in advance.
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    working on the pictures, should be soon

    and a new update... brakes are getting squeaky.... will of course take this into consideration when negotiating price.

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    sorry for the delay of the pictures folks... i've been without a computer, let alone internet, for the past couple days... how i survived, i have no idea...

    anyways, i'll borrow a camera and get those pictures up soon...

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    sorry folks, i'm still without a connection at home right now, probably at least another week, so it's gonna be a while before i can get pics up...

    if i take too long replying to people's pm's, please forgive.

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    hey folks, sorry about all the delays, i finally got a computer up and running at home again...

    the bike IS STILL FOR SALE...

    unfortunately i still don't have a solution to my lack of pictures yet... and i'm in the middle of an intensive summer run of this course right now, and it's just a test after an assignment after a test after an assignment, it's never ending...

    To all the people who have pm'd me, sorry if i've been slow at getting back to you.

    What i think i'm just gonna do, is instead of playing this game of pm tag, i'm just gonna wait until i'm down my last exam, (20th of june) and then i'll start setting up dates for people to come check out the bike...

    so the next time you see this message up at the top, i promise i will have pictures up, and i will post my number so people can just call me directly to setup times to look at the bike....

    sorry once agian.

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