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Thread: Help with digital vidcam image quality

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    Question Help with digital vidcam image quality

    I'm planning to get digital video camera and looking at Canon ZR45MC (as the type implies, it uses memory card), but the review says the quality of still images are not good enough as it's only 680K pixels as compared with digicam with 2Mpixel

    Now I've never owned a vidcam before and wondering if anyone who posted photos of your bikes use vidcam with still image capability, or digicam, or scan the picture? Most of the photos I've seen are of good/high quality. Is it worth to get an expensive vidcam that can do both, or better to get a moderate priced ones AND a digicam?


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    I wish.
    At this point in time, I wouldn't recommend getting a combo cam to do stills - you'll just be disappointed in all your still shots. I've yet to see any video camera that can do what a still camera can.
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    There was ONE I heard of that took stills at 1 MP........but that isnt much these days.
    Too bad they dont make any decent combination cameras.
    Its not that tough really.......they just wanna make more money selling each unit individually.

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