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    Cool north riders

    Any riders on this site from the north, live in prince george was from vancouver haven't got any buddies to ride with. Any of you guys want to get together and ride, highway trip or town cuise, drop me a line

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    theres a few guys from pg and quesnel on this site and a bunch more that arent yet. we usually meet at the chevron on 15th ave on sundays at around 6:00 in the evening, come on out and meet everyone and go for a ride. friday nite street legal races start on june 6th, and we usually head out to those too, or pretty much anytime the weather is half decent.

    you can pm me, or just give me a call, 962-0440. well put you on the phone list and get you out for some rides.

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    Hey Lar,I live in Prince Rupert and race at the PG track for the allbike drags in june but never see any locals there racing,How come?They are a great bunch to race their with,You guys should come on up and race with us in the street class?

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    ive only been to the all bike drags once, and that was quite a few years ago. i just started doing the street legal thing last year and have been quite enjoying it, so i will probably go out this year to watch for sure and maybe race. i just got a new bike a few weeks ago and ill have to go out on a few weekends to try it out and see how i do.

    that does sound like a lot of fun though, ill put the word out and try and get some more people out to it this year and race. i guess thats only a few weeks away now isnt it? let me know when you get into town and well hook up.

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    I was from PG but moved down here for school. I just rode up there last week and it snowed just north of Quesnel. I was surprised to see as many bikes on the road as I did. The fella with the Allistar (sp?) gixxer on this site?

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    nope, hes not on this site. he did come out for a ride this evening though, i thought that was his bike but its actually his girlfriends bike, he doesnt have one. nice bike though.

    so are you the guy that met up with us at the university, that knew dan?

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