Cop car of the future
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    Cop car of the future

    I would purposefully speed on the S2S just to get pulled over by one of these.

    BOOM de ya dah!

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    If you get pulled over by a LEO in something that you think looks like that, you are about to get an impaired driving charge
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    Nice, I love retro futurism.

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    The other day I was driving through Surrey (near surrey central) and as I approached the light, I saw two guys sitting on yellow ATV's waiting at the red light to my right. Shocked, all i could think was "what kind of idiot takes his ATV for a ride through Surrey?! They're going to get pulled over and impounded instantly" ... and then to my surprise, it was two RCMP officers!

    Perhaps the ATV is the new cop-car of the future?

    Has anyone else seen LEO's riding ATV's on the streets?! I wish I'd captured a pic.
    Of course if you're young, and out drinking, whoring, and toking till all hours on a Saturday nite, forget about it.

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    ive seen LEOs riding on quads being total grom noobies barely making around the sand at Triangle on 4x4 grizzlies. One would suspect that their level of noobness would make them easy to outrun, granted they dont see your plate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saskford View Post
    I wish I'd captured a pic.
    damnit, you shouldve been quicker!!! lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Land Roving
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