Where to find better windscreen?
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Thread: Where to find better windscreen?

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    Where to find better windscreen?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of windscreen I could get to make my CBR600F3 easier to ride as I am fairly tall and get beat up at hi speeds. I was looking for a euro style but am having troubles finding one and was told the double bubbles don't do much for deflecting wind any better than stock.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    I also would not mind finding an undertail kit if anyone has seen them for the 98 f3'

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    i'm gonna order a screen from www.hammerit.net when money allows. their double bubble is higher than most other db's. not sure if they have screeens for F3's but if nothing is listed, doesn't hurt to email them and ask.

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    Give http://www.whaccessories.com/CBR%20Accessories.htm a try, they have CBR gear.
    I picked up a Metisse euro screen for my VTR from them.

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    It's a little bit agro but the flat curved bit of lexan sheet I made up for my track bike has turned out to be wonderful at protecting me from windblast. And no noticable buffeting up to the 150 mph that I was doing at Spokane the past weekend. I didn't even need to be plastered to the tank to ride comfortably. Digi168 was nice enough to let me try his R6 for a few laps and I couldn't believe how much wind there was. It was like I was flying an inch off the saddle compared to the F2. I'm 6'1" tall for comparison.

    If you want to try one I really should cut out a spare anyway. I've even got the lexan sheeting. Say $10 for the material? The two bikes are enough alike I think the same shape should fit just fine.

    Here's a pic for a rough idea of how it looks....

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    I picked up a Zero Gravity Sport Touring model for my 94 ZX7. It helps a bit but not a whole lot. RMS got it in for me.

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    Hey Gavin, I ordered a HammerIt windscreen and it's alright. You can look at my pics on the website to see what it looks like. The colors a big gay but the look of the windscreen is pretty neat. It's got the double bubble but no crease - it's all smooth.

    I think all of the double bubble windscreens deflect wind from your helmet but your shoulders still get hit anyways. If you don't mind the look of the touring ones then that might be an option.
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    tried a Lip yet?

    You might want to check out Laminar Lip's site at: laminar@sbcglobal.net

    Once you determine where air is hitting you with OEM, then the Lip will redirect it up a fair amount.
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    I have a SPEEDSCREEN V2 on my 954, Light smoke tint. The bike is red and black, It works way better than the stock and I am Fairly tall, Got it from Imperial Motor Cycles, $85.00, Looks great as well.

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