real 600rr weight?
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Thread: real 600rr weight?

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    real 600rr weight?

    hi all,

    i read in a british motorcycle mag that the testers weighed the honda 600rr and it was a full 30 "pounds" heavier than the claimed weight. does anybody out there know if this is true or not? would that 30 pounds (british) be the same or different from 30 pounds (u.s.a) that we all know? what is the real weight of this bike?

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    Imperial (british weight) and us weight are different.
    Us weight 1LBS is heaver than 1Imperial LBS

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    The CBR600RR that Motorcyclist tested was 415 lbs with the tank empty and 445 lbs with it full. It's supposed to weigh 370 lbs dry, but not even the R6 weight that (388lbs dry). The manufacturers figures are always lower than what the actual dry weight of the bike is. The RR is still 30 lbs heavier than the R6 and 27 lbs heavier than the 6R. It doesn't seem to matter though. Almost every mag is rating it as number one. I think if the other manufacturers could change one or two things about their bikes that the Honda's weight would be it's downfall, but I guess the weight alone isn't enough to switch the rankings. The mass on the RR is highly centralized making is seem lighter than it is.

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    The magazines are saying the R6 switches from left to right better than the RR, but the RR is more stable while leaned over. Chalk that up to the Unit ProLink doing it's job.
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    I can't tell any difference between the RR and my old F4i... It may have gained a few 20-30 lbs, but maybe because the tank is now lower in the body so the center of gravity doesn't seem to affect it that much. You can't really feel the difference... especially when when picking her up off the stand or in the corners~

    At least I can't... and I've ridden the '02 F4i for a year, and the '02 and '03 R6 for a while...
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    Originally posted by VanCityR6
    The RR is still 30 lbs heavier than the R6 and 27 lbs heavier than the 6R. It doesn't seem to matter though. Almost every mag is rating it as number one.
    Maybe it's because Honda pays off all the magazines? hehe, yeah okay...maybe not. If it were just the American mags saying that, then I might be suspicious...but testers all over the world seem to like it.

    As for claimed dry weight vs actual dry weight measured by the magazines...I think that when the mags measure it, it's not a *true* dry weight. Am I right? I think when they measure their dry weight it's just with an empty tank...but the bike still has oil, anti-freeze, etc. When the manufacturers measure their dry weight, I think it's truely a "dry" bike. Not to say that the manufacturers don't bend the truth a bit (removing brake fluid? fork oil? tool kit? ) but I think that those numbers form the mags are a bit skewed.
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