Leaving a bike in the States
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Thread: Leaving a bike in the States

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    Leaving a bike in the States

    Toying with the idea of leaving a bike in California for awhile.
    The reason being is I work 7 on 7 off and I can only get so far on my week off before I have to turn around.
    Considering a flight to LA is $300 return from here or $250 from Bellingham it almost seems like the cheaper option to leave a bike near LAX and fly down once every month or two.

    The question is where to leave it?
    I have a family friend who has a house in Borego Springs but that is a long way from LA.
    So I looked on Craigslist and can get a storage locker for a bike for about $120 a month,but that seems a bit steep.

    Next question is insurance, the bike I was thinking of doing this with has private insurance and a bc plate but is not insured with icbc yet this year. Can I get a US plate?
    How long can I leave a bike there?
    Can I buy a bike there and get a plate if I want to get a big dualsport and tour around mexico?
    Can I sell my bike in California if it's a non California model?
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    as long as you can register, should be able to sell i would think... you would have to bring it up to California code, dont know if that is possible, if you dont have mph
    on the dash, you'd have to swap it... here's another link..


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    You should ask elevation about this.

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