I'll do a real thread later, but just a quick note for students and racers alike.
1) bike prep rules are on the website www.wmrc.ca

2) full prep is required at ALL WMRC events. It is a test and tune for the RACE club. It's not a track day, and is open to racers only.

3) exceptions made for those who took the school are only for the school, and no longer applicable. No exceptions.

4) IMPORTANT> There is a 95 db noise limit at Mission, with STRICT enforcement. Again, no exceptions are granted. You must be under this 95db limit. Don't screw around with a good thing.

5) there are some excellent suggestions on our site, from #1 plate holder Steve Dick, with all the tricks he used to get to 92db on his 2003 Yamaha R6. There are NO EXCUSES. Bring your stock muffler if you are not sure.

6) there is a schedule for the day. Show up late, and you don't ride untill after lunch, or not at all. Miss the rider's meeting, and you don't ride.

7) nobody spins a wheel untill the corners are covered. BRING VOLUNTEERS! The get fed well, and the more trained ones we have, the less we will see delays like the last TnT day.

I will do a post for each of these topics later, but this morning is pound out the Kawi ZX-6R tickets time.