Post: My new (used) Ducati 1098S - italian time
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horrible language

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I have a properly working aprilia for sale.

Never gave me trouble, other than fuel cap venting re-call that was done at no cost.

peewee, stop trying to relive your glory days through bcsb. nobody cares. no go buy yourself a vagina strom, since that is all you can ride now.

i've gone on better roads, further away from home on my rsv4 than you have in your life of living on that rock full of moldy whitehaird cunts and not a single peep from it.

sure maintenance is more expensive, and at 20k intervals instead of 24k, but over the life of the bike, booofuckingwhoo, another 4k is a week of riding for me when i have a few days off. big fucking deal.