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Thread: HELP!!! Palm Desktop Software

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    HELP!!! Palm Desktop Software

    i'm trying to install Palm Destop software onto my computer in order to be able to do the hot sync thingy.... but i keep getting an error message.... it reads...

    "Internal Error 2738. CostFinalizeCustom"

    i've tried a couple of times already and the error keeps popping up....the Palm is connected to the computer via USB.... (that's what the installation menu says to do).... so does the Palm have to be turned on??? i don't see the point in that though... or could the problem be my computer??? i hope not...

    someone please help me!!! it's pissing me the hell off!!!!
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    Hmm... I have a palm too and I never had any problems like that. Whenever I do the sync the Palm has to be turned on.

    I would recommend you installing everything on someone elses computer and see if the same thing happens. If it does, you know there's something wrong with perhaps the Palm software that came with the unit, or the unit itself. But if everything is fine and it syncs no problem, then your "trusty" (yeah right...) Windows decided to screw up on you to make your life more interesting...

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    I wish.
    When does the error occur?

    Troubleshooting tips:

    UNinstall the software, use some type of utilitiy like REGCLEAN (Search for it in google, and backup your registry before using it) to help give you a fresh start.

    Follow the directions step my step again.

    I've never had a problem installing Palm software, but I don't think theres an easy answer and you may have to end up calling Palm.
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    My plam software always had an error message too.
    So in order for it to work i would go to the task manager an there was always one program showing not responding, after i close of that program the plam software will syncronize.
    what version palm is it? mine was the VX.

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    I always got errors with it as well and it was always a proble with the USB port.........defaulted to the wrong one.

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    try to install the palm desktop sw in safe mode, i dont think you need to have your palm connected to the system during the install of that.

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