Mission street legals
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    Mission street legals

    How many people have taken their bikes to mission?? What bike with what mods and what did you run??
    I went with my buddy who ran his camaro amd there was 5 or 6 bikes there. Anyone from here?

    One guy had a stock 2003 gsxr 1000 ran 10,s , there was another guy with a crazy kawi, extended swingarm, nos, ect
    9.03second quarter mile, crazy fast.

    One of these fridays we should get a big group to go down, race your friends, see what your bike can do and its all in a controlled environment.
    Just gotta wait till my wrist heals!
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    We are usually there every street legal were the guys with the crazy zx 12 ran a 8.89 a week ago at the all bike drags. Next weekend were heding to Prince Goerge for another race. We'll have the bike on display at my shop June 14 were also haveing a show and ahine same day 1pm-3pm free hot dogs S^*t like that bring your friends TFT
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    Soitanly! I'll race whatever is moving me at the moment. I have a car pretty much dedicated to track duty and I take the bike too, sometimes.

    I'm looking to try my new 9 very soon at the track. The street legals are a fun event but it's hard to get serious racing/tuning done because the turnout of numbnuts with no drag experience slows the program down so much you frequently end up getting less than 3 runs a night.

    I'm going to take the bike to a test and tune first, so I can get a handle on it. However, that ain't no $22 to enter, like the SLs are.


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