Help: 2000 gsxr750 has flashing FI, why?
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Thread: Help: 2000 gsxr750 has flashing FI, why?

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    Unhappy Help: 2000 gsxr750 has flashing FI, why?

    The red light stays on and the FI is flashing in the temperature display. I think this happened when I started my bike without letting the tachometer come to a complete stop. I started the bike right away after turning on the ignition and the tachometer was doing its full swing. About 5 seconds after I rode off, I heard some beeping sound. I can still start the bike but the red light stays on and the temperature reading changes from its normal reading to FI. What should I do?

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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    you will need to find out what the error code is. To do this, you need to find the small white connector in the left tail section (accessible from undernether, near the the grey rail of the subframe). There will be a white connector covered with a black rubber cover. In the connector, you'll see 2 of the 4 holes has metal sockets in them, these are the two you need to connect, putting you bike into dealer mode. And the error code will be displayed where the temp. reading normally is.

    Look at this page:

    and select the link Dealer and Kill switch to see pics

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    Have you tried disconnecting the battery?

    the other thing is....from what the guy told me when i bought my gixxer, he said that sometimes a sensor for the fi gets dirty and needs cleaning. Don't know if that's bs or not, but might not hurt to inquire further into the matter.

    good luck

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    here is the error code listing

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