accidents happen, icbc policys
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    accidents happen, icbc policys

    can anyone help me out. I need info. I own a vehicle and dont have roadstar on it but because i havea second vehicle which is my bike they gave me an automatic 43% roadstar on the second vehicle.
    Well I got into an accident today
    some dumb ass decided to slam his beaks on in vront of me in intesection on a yellow light. I had no choice but to lay my bike down on its side and slid underneth his stupid four door sedan. Damage to his car is very minimal but damage to my bike may run as high as $2000. the front ferrings are basically gone. no damage to forks or anything else.
    I shouldnt have been tailgating him. he cut me off four blocks proir therefore the tailgating. i was laking patiance.
    When I asked him why he slammed on his breaks in the intersection his reply was. A friend died when I was young goin through a intersection therefore i always break on yellow lights.
    My riding buddy heard the whole thing.
    I am also a new rider, three months old. I cant wait to get my bike fixed and get back out there.
    anyway does anyone now the policys regarding one time only accidents. Should I pay the damages out of pocket. Or should I fight the claim and go after the idiot who is break happy. please any suggestions for a newbie would be benificial.

    Funny thing to i was driving my suv around on saturday and i noticed there where alot of shitty drivers out.

    one sore bugger

    and t the guy who suggested to me on this forum to buy very good gear thanks.
    you should see my helmet. its really messed. I notivce a lot of people take pride in showing there wreaked bikes on the forum i think I should post my helmet. I hit the CEMENT very HARD.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    No matter how you slice it, hitting anyone from behind is always 100% your fault. Now, it's only a question of do you lose your current rates by claiming or pay out of the pocket. ICBC will fix both vehicles and offer you the option of paying for it before putting it on your record. Best of luck!
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    Flo's right about the claim, a rear impact like that is always 100% your fault in ICBC's eyes. You won't have a chance if you challenge it. AFAIK, ICBC would ticket you 100% at fault even if he stopped in the middle of the freeway where its completely unexpected (stopping at a yellow light is pretty normal). People can mash their brakes for all kinds of reasons and its your responsibility to leave enough room to stop.

    Don't forget to consider your deductable when gauging whether to claim or not.

    ps. bike vs. SUV is no contest, why aggressively tailgate somebody who can kill you just by hitting his brakes? Check your ego at the door when riding a bike in traffic, it aint worth it man.
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    Re: accidents happen, icbc policys

    Originally posted by butcher90
    I am also a new rider, three months old.

    And you ride a Black Bird,?? WTF

    A bike stops a lot quicker with the tires on the ground not the fairing. You need to practice “Threshold” braking. You might have been able to stop in time or least hit the car at a very slow speed causing minimal damage if you kept her upright.

    Hard lesson learned. Glad you’re all right.
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    2000 thou damage? is that it? that sucks, but i imagine that nothing more then plastic was facked at that price.

    and yes. icbc will try to rape you..see if you can settle with out icbc (if feasible) then you won't loose the discount.

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    If you got roadstar on the second vehicle (bike) and you go through icbc with it you'll only lose the 3% not the whole 40% only 2000 damage? that's it, i think you might be looking at a very budgeted repair cost, not that good for the bike. But you should ask icbc about the % loss, and it will be 100% your fault no doubt about it at all. Just your fairings alone top 2000 easily not to include the handle bars and tank and stuff. But if you lose only the roadstar, that's your one free accident right there. Glad you walked out buddy.

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    did the guy stop IN the intersection or before?

    regardless of that, you shouldn't be tailgating in any situation. it doesn't give you many options in case some freak thing might happen.
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    Nasty Bossman

    Re: accidents happen, icbc policys

    I own a vehicle and dont have roadstar on it but because i havea second vehicle which is my bike they gave me an automatic 43% roadstar on the second vehicle.
    Do you mean you have roadstar on the bike?

    If so my suggestion would be to claim it through your insurance instead of paying it out.

    Do not underestimate the "evil-ness" of ICBC. As soon as you decide to pay out the claim ICBC will no longer have anything to gain by arguing with the other party. This means they will comply with any request the other party makes. Including but not limited to:
    previous damage close to the area you hit (even little nicks and scratches) that can be somehow tied to you, and whiplash, spilled coffee on rugs, etc.

    Additionally, like StealUrRiice said, the cost of repairing the damage properly may run much higher than $2000. I dropped mine at a standstill and in addition to fairing damage I actually managed to crack my front fairing stay, and a tab behind my gauges... . You also mentioned that your helmet is messed. You've gotta figure that cost in also. If you claim it through your ins. ICBC will give you a couple hundred $$ for it.

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    Nasty Bossman
    Oh and they will tell the body shop to take their time while you pay for their rental car. That's why I prefer to crash by myself....

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    BTW, you are suppose to brake when the light is yellow, not try to run it...

    In any event, rear ender is 100% the fault of the person who hits the vehicle in front...UNLESS you can prove that the driver in front was intentionally trying to cause the accident. But after reading your post

    "When I asked him why he slammed on his breaks in the intersection his reply was. A friend died when I was young goin through a intersection therefore i always break on yellow lights."

    If was IN the intersection and you have a witness then you maybe able to fight it...yellow means prepare to stop, when SAFE to do so...when you hit him was your bike across the stopping line?? If managed to stop his car before the so called stopping line then you are SOL but if he was actually IN the intersection then you might have a case..
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    Yellow means stop unless safe to do so. If he stopped.. then it was pretty damn certain you could have been able to stop as well...

    Running a yellow carries the same penalty as running a red. $140.

    I'd just suck it up and pay. Does the driver want his car fixed? If not then $2000 is better than your rates going up.

    When I got hit the final tally came to about $6000 for a lowspeed drop... $2000 is pretty nice.

    Oh, and as people above have stated... there can be a LOT of hidden damage. (check your radiator and your headlight stays). They crack and bend and bust VERY easily. As well as your shifter/brake assemblies... they bend in and might need replacing.

    Ya if you have roadstar I'd just take the accident and hope it doesn't happen again.

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    Once upon a time a Province of BC Sheriff's car piled into the back of one of our delivery vans. Oddly enough THAT accident was deemed to be OUR fault....

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    It don't matter if he stopped on a green. Still 100% all about you. You were tailgating.. blah blah blah.

    I don't get why you only have road star on one vehicle. Road Star and discounts should apply to the most expensive of your policies or both until you loose it. Claims against vehicles should follow that vehicle.

    Since you have Road star on the bike, you should get a freebe. Your basic insurance covers the repair to the vehicle you hit. Your collision covers your bike getting fixed if you pay the deductable.

    2 choices for you;
    -pay deductable and get bike fixed, keep 43% discount, lose roadstar.

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