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Thread: close call!!!

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    close call!!!

    hi people.. i'm new to bcsb

    I've been reading a lot of threads and seens some very interesting things.

    I just want to post this to let the new riders know how dangerous on the road it could be...
    Today, on my way home from work. This guy almost ran me over with his car.

    I was travelling on HWY #1 when this car maked a lane changd. I guessed he didn't shoulder check or something.. I guessed i was in his blind spot. Luckyly my lane position was left , and he was from inside lane try to go in to mine. I glanced at his car just crossed the white line so I was thinking to myself.. OH shoot.. he didn't see me.. so i honked him to let him know I that I am beside him... then he move back to his lane. when I got to his side and look at him.. and he looked back at me.. I just shook my head to let him know.. that how careless his driving is..

    I mean.. I didn't give him a finger or anything.. I'm just upset that how careless some drivers are when making lane changed. I hope he learned his lesson today.

    So to all new riders out there.. be cautious all the time.. cuz u never know what's gonna come at you... in just a split second.. your life is on the line right there. so take care all of you.. have a safe season.!!!

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    that happens to me all the time man
    your too nice to them lol i get a bit of a flaming temper once someone comes near my bike and i'll trip out and i'll finger them swear my head off and once i was about to kick there door because the idiot gave ME the dirty look ohhhh man was i ever pissed but yeah i guess i should learn to control my temper....

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    I"m glad you didn't finger him bro.

    It's not that he was careless to any great degree. bikes can be hard to see. that' sjust the way she goes.

    You flippin him off and him not even knowin you were there solves little if won't make him look any harder for may get him to jump out and grab a hold of you at the stop light though.

    at the very best of it all, at least you're still in one peice and not a road crayon.

    at least you were watching the road.
    that's how it's goin to be.
    play alert.

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    Saturday going over the Second narrows this woman in a beamer, gold in color, decided to change lanes right into me! Spider-Man was following and we both foresaw this lady doing it. The only thing that pissed me off was that she had lots of room before we got there to change. Why did she choose to change when I arrived at her passenger door? Ignorance. That's why.
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    yeah i dont agree with people saying they didnt see you
    it happens so much and everytime i see the person not even bother to look
    i've been right at the window able to knock on it and them not know im there
    people like that just piss me the fuck off

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    I give em the finger.......fuckin idiots!

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    It has a lot to do with how some ppl set their side mirrors.
    Most people dont know how. They should be set in such a manner that they dont replicate what is already seen in the rearviewr. After all, they are called SIDE mirrors people!!!

    In my Mazda B2200, I dont need to shoulder check, I have NO blind spots.
    I've even verified this by having motorcyclists go past me.

    Set your mirrors right people.

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    Re: close call!!!

    Originally posted by 2fast2furious
    I just shook my head to let him know.. that how careless his driving is..

    I'm a new rider as well and I find that I do this a lot now. especially when cagers decideto cut in front of me at the last second possible. I wonder if gestures like that acutlaly give em the "heads up," that we riders share the road as well. I guess the easy way is just ride by really fast and knock off their side mirrors. Besides, they don't use em anyway. Fags.
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    Darkstar is bang on.
    People need to know how to set their mirrors. You can set your sides to virtually eliminate blind spots. Adjust them so that once a vehicle leaves your mirror, they're in your peripheral vision.
    I still shoulder check out of habit, but I don't really need to.
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    People give me the finger when I ride by them.

    I wonder why that is?
    Groovy baby

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    If you don't ride in peoples blind spots or where they could turn into you that would solve the problem before it began. I never have this problem. I ride 7-9000 k a month round downtown and all the hwy's. I just postion myself properly and I never have people changing lanes into me.Hmmm

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    I have to agree with Mos here, as a rider you must be the one to keep yourself out of harms way. Never ride in the blind stop, get ahead of him, or drop behind, never beside.

    Just my 0.02cents.

    Ride safe.


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    I agree, it doesn't matter who was the idiot. When it hurts, it hurts just the biker.

    When in doubt, use the throttle

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    Originally posted by mosquito
    If you don't ride in peoples blind spots or where they could turn into you that would solve the problem before it began. I never have this problem. I ride 7-9000 k a month round downtown and all the hwy's. I just postion myself properly and I never have people changing lanes into me.Hmmm
    There's always that few seconds as you pass where you're in the blind spot or "bullseye zone". It's impossible to avoid if you make it a habit to ride a little faster than the traffic around you.

    I don't ever CRUISE in their blind spot but I've been cut off a few times over the years during passing. Because of that I set up my passing speed to limit the exposure time but still not so fast that I can't react with a swift veer, brakes or a quick shot of power and veer to avoid them. I also tend to shift my lane position to leave me the most room depending on which side I'm passing on.

    But basically I agree with the idea that it's not good to sit in the "bullseye zone".
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    Almost had the same thing happen on my way into BK on the weekend. I was cruising in the HOV lane approaching a cager as I got near his back bumper I had the feeling that I shouldnt pass. Good feeling the dumbass signaled to move to my lane then took .25 seconds to make the manouver. I had to move to the fast lane to pass the dumbass and inform him of his IQ as I did so . I never ride in a blindspot or beside someone always pass or stay back.

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