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    i have this vibration on my 2001 cbrf4i at about 5000rpm in almost every gear, it sounds like vibrating from the manifold but i am not sure, any ideas or have heard of this before.


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    My '02 and my gal's '02 F4i had the same thing. The rattling sound came around 4-5k rpm and ended around 6k or so. Mine actually was gone when I installed my Yoshi RS-1 slip-on. But maybe the pipe just drowned the sound...

    As for my gf, she brought her bike back to the shop and they said that it's usual. They said it's a common sound ... and even if they do fix it, it'll probably still be there... and it is...

    Also, it happens on my 600RR too... but it's more like a flap in the manifold sound. At about 5k RPM, it rattles a bit sometimes...

    Go check it out at the shop if you're really worried about it. I haven't had any problems with it other than making a noise ever so often~
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    thanks for the reply, i think i am gonna take the plastic off and make sure there is no loose bolts and stuff

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    sounds like typical cam chain noise. Alot of F4i bikes suffer from this. Even Honda admits to it as normal and unless it becomes bad warranty will rarely touch it.

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