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I never rode an 848, I'm not asian. Bad enough this 899 was pearl white. I didn't notice the power band as I was riding on a slow twisty as fuck road, wasn't on a race track. It was flicking left and right so fast I was honestly having to really pay attention to the road, it's a 2nd gear road so the revs dropped to 6000, back up to 10000 or bike so I wasn't redlining it.

I was pulling pretty good from any rpm. My old 2011 ZX10R has mega stomp over 10000rpm, but rides like this Panigale under that (100-130hp).
It wasn't so good I was selling my Daytona 675. That bike is still was nicer for street riding (not hot, not loud, not expensive as fuck), and it's headed to the Ridge on in a month.