where to get bike inspected?
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Thread: where to get bike inspected?

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    where to get bike inspected?

    Hey all, Im about to purchase a 99 r6 and I wanna get it fully inspected before I start signing my life away The problem is I dont know any reliable yamaha dealers with a very experieced mechanic to look at the bike. Any of you guys have recommendations?

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    umm... Don't really know but give Imperial a try they seem to have a pretty good rep, or if not I went to Action for school and they seem to know what to look for such as heavy wear previous damage and all, or also carter honda isn't bad not a very good rep with buying stuff but their parts and service seems clean and holding up.

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    Steve La..(?) The bike wrench in Surrey. He's one and I'm not sure who the other is.

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    I would recommend Imperial Motorcycles in Burnaby. If you're in the valley try Derek King Racing on 96th Avenue in Langley. You can likely find contact information for both on this site somewhere (I'm too lazy to look for you).
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    Call around and ask to see if there are any factory trained techs at the bike shops around you. That's your best bet. Goodluck

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    Sorry, didn't read the thread. I thought you wanted a provintially licenced motorcycle inspector, not a licenced, experienced motorcycle mechanic. Check out the dealer section and make a guess. Everybody likes someone but hates someone so you'll have to make up you're own mind on that one.

    If you had rebuilt a written off bike, got an inspection notice for loud pipes, or you just want to import that vintage trials bike you bought down in Sedrowooly, you have to take it to a licenced inspector to get it inspected and stamped. You're average motorcycle mechanic could do it but he dosen't have the authority in the eyes of the government.
    It's the difference between having an engineer design a bridge or this really smart guy who has slide rules and stuff and works for cash.

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    Bomax baby. Not taking new customers but you can always try and see if that policy's changed? Very thorough

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    You could try Pat (Service Manager) @ GA Checkpoint Yamaha in Port Moody - he may be able to help: 604-461-3434.

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    I also recommend Imperial. They did an inspection for my bike and some work on it afterwards. Great service and the owner/manager is really friendly.

    Check out this thread...

    They're located in Burnaby on Lane Street. It's basically just two blocks off of Kingsway and 2 blocks away from Fitness World.

    Oh and they're pre-buy inspection costs $65 I think.
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    Originally posted by Blazer
    You could try Pat (Service Manager) @ GA Checkpoint Yamaha in Port Moody - he may be able to help: 604-461-3434.
    This is exactly who I was going to recommend. The guys at GA kick ass! Very nice, professional and courteous. They'll give you the straight goods.
    When I bought my now-stolen YZF1000R there, they took the bike back apart to do another compression test for me before I bought the machine. No arguments whatsoever. I asked, they did. No trying to weasel out of it.
    Excellent, excellent guys.
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