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Thread: Opinions on Pants!

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    Question Opinions on Pants!

    Hey All!

    Looking for some opinions on some gear!

    I've got everything but pants right now. My jacket is a perforated joe rocket blaster. I'm thinking of either getting the Teknic Chicane 2 piece suit or just the joe rocket blaster pants.

    I'm totally undecided right now as to which to get. I am most definitely looking to get a 2 pc if not now, in the future. And after reading all these gear post I would like to get some form of lower protection especially before I do any longer rides out of the city.

    Does anyone have the joe rocket blaster pants? Any opinions on that? As well as the chicane suit?

    Either I fork out the money now for the 2 pc or just buy the pants and fork out more money for the 2 pc later!

    My friend did suggest I go for the pants and get an exhaust with the money saved! The dilemna!

    Any opinions or thoughts would be much appreciated!

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    Just get the Blaster pants. Skip the Chicane. I owned one and only realized its inferior material quality when I bought a Spyke suit.
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    Since you already have a Blaster jacket, just pick up the pants and save some cash (to buy this used Arrow pipe). Both pieces have the 360 deg zipper so then you have a 2pc suit!

    I just picked up my Blaster pants a couple of weeks ago and love them. I was originally looking for the Teknic Thunder pants so that the connection zipper would match my Chicane jacket (no quality issues so far with the '03 model), but just couldn't find any in stock. So I went with the Blaster when I found a pair in my size.

    Interesting note re the small connection zippers...when my wife bought her Teknic Venom jacket and pants combo (purchased separately, not as a suit), we found that the zippers didn't connect without having to flip one around. According to Trevor at BK, the zippers are not guaranteed to match, even if the manufacturer says so. It has something to do with their quality control (or lack thereof), production runs, etc. I find that strange.
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    I would go with the blaster pants.I have the Joe rocket speedmaster perf pants.
    love the rocket gear.

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    I've bought the Blaster pants as well. You'll find them a little tight for a while but as the leather starts to relax a little they become quite comfortable. I have no illusion that they protect as well as the higher-end suits, but they are hella better than jeans. And they'll do a great job of getting you through a couple of seasons while you save up for a real quality suit (Vanson, Spyke, Dainese, etc.).

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    I don't remember the series of what joe rock pant I got, but it's a textile.

    the mod i got was the one where there's a 3M reflective strip on the knee and the edges are rounded.
    this model was a peice of shit, only in the aspect that the material that holds the knee pad in pulls away from the actual pant and frays.
    However, they redid this pant by simply making the pad covers on the knees SQUARE . these don't have the reflection on the knee (i don't think). That's the textile one you want.

    Once again. Like said, I don't remember if it's the same pant you're talkin about.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

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    Thanks for all your replies!!

    Looks like the blaster pants are the way to go for now anyways... and yeah save up for a quality suit instead of skimp out on that.
    It'll be a lot better than the jeans I'm wearing now

    Thanks again for all your opinions!! I hope to pick up the pants soon and join up on some newbie rides

    And as to the Arrow pipe... I saw it... thinking thinking thinking.. definitely thinking about it! But first things first! I have to get all my gear in order first before thinking about any mods!

    *EDIT: RearWheelRider: just saw your reply! No the blaster pants are leather. But thanks for the tip. I was thinking of getting textile as well.. but not sure how'd that would go wtih a leather jacket. And since they made matching lowers I figure it'll be best

    Here's a link to what they look like:

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    I`ve got a 2-piece leather zip together that I had custom made by the Original Leather Factory 10 years ago.Lately I`ve been wearing my Belstaff Avalon textile jacket(awesome jacket) but haven`t found any textile pants to go along with the jacket,until now. www.fieldsheer.com. has the manx pro textile pant(in yellow no less),the downside is that there are no dealers in Canada and will have to go to Lynnwood Cycle Barn in Lynnwood(north of Everett,i think).It retails for $149.00 US.

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