Newbie question... Getting a WMRC licence???
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Thread: Newbie question... Getting a WMRC licence???

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    Nasty Bossman

    Question Newbie question... Getting a WMRC licence???

    I've never raced nor have I been to a track day of any sort. I am, however, interested in learning to ride better and eventually get some track time or even race... Now as I understand it, I need to get a competition licence in order to participate in any of the stuff that goes on at Mission correct? And in order to get the licence I have to take a course through Westcoast Superbike School right? So should I:
    a) keep riding on the street until I'm relatively confident in riding fast, then take the racer course,
    b) take the ART then take the racer course, or
    c) just take the racer course now?
    I guess my question is: what kind of skill level do they assume you have when entering the racer course? Did most of you take the ART course first then the racer course? Or were you able to just get into the racer course no problem?

    Sorry for all the questions

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    Once your comfy with your bike, and basic riding skills, take ART. Once you've had a bit of time to absorb the ART material, then do the Race course. I did ART in April and am doing the Race course in June/July. Its been three years riding on and off until this year, but ART improved my skills 300%.

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    If money is a tight but you want to get at the track anyway, just go straight for the race license. You'll get your race license no problem, you don't need to be a fast rider to do the course. You will need some level of competence but it's not required that you already be an expert. From the commentary of others though, you will learn all of the basics in the ART course and that will greatly benefit your experience in the race course. I'm planning on a June/July race course this year as well. I haven't done the ART course.

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    i did my race course with 5k km riding experiance, and no street license yet :P

    do it whe n you are very comfortable with your bike
    when you can use the throttle smoothy rolling on and off.
    take with when you think you are ready

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