Careful what your FRIENDS wish for.
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Thread: Careful what your FRIENDS wish for.

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    Talking Careful what your FRIENDS wish for.

    Three stranded men on and island were walking along one sunny morning and they stumbled upon a lamp (how original i know )

    One of the men rubbed the lamp and out popped a genie (who would've guessed?)

    The genie was so thankful she granted them one wish each.

    She asked the first one what he wished for and he replied
    "Back in my homeland i was very rich and powerful...i wish to live that lifestyle once again".
    *poof* he was gone.

    So she proceeded on to the second with the same question.

    the man replied " Back home, i had a loving wife and three beautiful children....all i want is to be with them once again"
    *poofedy poof* he was gone.

    She asked the last bloke of his wish and he said to the genie...
    "well, i was never rich, and i never had a family....shit, come to think of it, the happiest i ever was, was right here with my two buddies. i wish for them to come back!"

    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
    – Albert Hubbard

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    I actually liked this one... hehe...

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