Upon driving down a street one day, a man noticed a sign that read " COME ON IN, JOIN THE FBI...(be sure to bring your wife)"

So all excited this man goes home, gets his wife and goes to the office where outside he saw the sign.

Upon entry, two men escort his wife into a secluded room and one other man escorts the guy into an office, where he's greeted by the FBI recruiting agent.

"good day" says the agent. "so you want to join the FBI"

"yes" says the man "very much so"

"well here's what you've got to do" the agent informed him
"you've got to take this here revolver go into the room where your wife is, and shoot her dead"

"Are you for real" said the man " i love my wife dearly, I can't do that".
"those are the breaks" said the agent. " i guess you're not the man for the job."
so the man got his wife and walked out.

Another man was driving down the same street with his wife in the car with him. the man saw the sign , found a parking spot and walked in to the office with his wife in hand.

The man was given the same treatment.
He was asked to do the same thing.
"you're goin to have to shoot your wife dead sir" the agent said.
"WHAT!!! YOU'RE NUTS!...I'm oughta here!"

A third man was walking along the street with his wife of 20 years.
He always marveled at the idea of becoming an agent.
"I'll check this out" he though to himself.
so in he went with his wife.
again, the same treatment.
"you'll have to shoot your wife if you want to join the FBI, Sir"
The man took the gun and went into the room.

The agent listened against the wall to hear what the man was doing.
all of a sudden there was noise.

A loud scream from the wife, then a "CLICK. CLICK. CLICK......thump,boom,bang, snap, choke choke choke."

The Agent burst into the room and saw the wife laying there on the floor.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?!!?!??!" said the agent in total amazement and disbelief.

"Well" the man replied " I went to shoot her, but the were no bullets in the gun, so i strangled the bitch"