How tight r leathers supposed to fit?
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Thread: How tight r leathers supposed to fit?

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    How tight r leathers supposed to fit?

    Got a cool new leather jacket .. that's skin tight.

    well, my wife likes it a lot which is a good sign.

    but its very snug on my shoulders and forearms (mind you, ive got big forearms).

    will it stretch? if its a little uncomfortable now (ie when i try to swing my arms around), is it too tight?

    do i want it very snug?


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    itll stretch but wont over stretch.... did you try one size bigger.. or a different brand.

    leathers fit like runners. nike narrow addidas wide. gotta get something that fits you.... should fit tight, but you should still be able to move fairly easily... kinda like a new pair of shoes....

    i dont know what the shoe thing is today.... but anyways

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    skin Tight? good gawd man.... you have changed in only a couple weeks! lol

    what kind did you get? what are you wearing underneath? is there room to wear warmer shirts?

    i like my jacket's fit, and it never feels tight - even when in riding position. but i suppose it depends on what you feel comfortable in.

    gut feeling? if you have to ask the question it might be too snug. and i don't think it will stretch enough.

    i'd like to swing by for a noon ride when the Chocolate rocket gets back from the desert next week.

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    Trust me, it'll stretch out. I bought a Joe Rocket Highside 1 Piece and in a few weeks I wish I had gotten one size smaller 'cuz it fit perfectly when I got it.
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    Use some nikwax leather restorer. Spray on and wear jacket for an hour in riding position bent forward (watching tv or while riding). Come home and wipe off excess. This is a trick Rob at RMS taught me and it has worked pretty good as my suit has stretched out into a perfect fit!

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    Flying Amazon

    They'll stretch out

    When I first go my leather pants I could not bend my knee to even ride my cruiser. Within a month I had no problems with it. In fact I could even ride a sport bike, although they were a bit tight when I tried. My solution was to take it back to the person who custom made the pants for me and have her add a leather gusset to the knee area. Worked great! Now I am completely comfortable in these pants.

    I think as long as you can kneel reasonably well, then within a month you should be pretty comfortable. After all you don't want your leathers to loosen up so much that if you go down they just slide off.

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    Fucking tight!!!!

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    Camel toe for leathers.

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    Litre Chick
    Originally posted by cosworth
    Camel toe for leathers.

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