RC51 modded passenger pegs
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Thread: RC51 modded passenger pegs

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    it's loud

    RC51 modded passenger pegs

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if you guys know of anyone that would be able to make modded passenger peg brackets for my RC... installing high mounts on it has disable my ability to give any hotties a ride ... All kidding aside... i know they have ones for Moriwaki and Erion I believe but the setup of my Microns are a little different... anyone?

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    Mr. Red


    Hey dude! I've done a ton of research and found some options.
    1) M4
    2) Mig
    3) Moriwaki
    4) Micron
    I can't remember but the is an extenstion out there, but you must cut yuor tail to fit it, but when i can I'll pm you.
    I'm still trying to decide because my wife loves going for coffee, I can't believe i just admitted that!

    Anyways give me a shout when you want to school some fours!

    See Ya!!

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    my 01 RC that had hindle high mounts , came with the rear pegs and LONG bolts and 4 peices of metal tubing about probly 2-3" long. The tail was cut on the bottom side, i never tried putting the pegs on but by the looks of it it was all meant to go together. Just devise your own contraptions at the hardware store.

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