A big thanks to ltl trkr for painting my fender.
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Thread: A big thanks to ltl trkr for painting my fender.

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    Thumbs up A big thanks to ltl trkr for painting my fender.

    ltl trkr painted my fender for me and he did an awesome job. He did a lot of running around trying to get the proper colour match etc. Definately went out of his way at his expense. Colour matching, painting and clear cloat.....AWESOME!

    If you want to get your bike painted, repainted, or custom fairings made ..... he's your man.

    He also makes custom body kits for cars. These are from his own drawings and molds.

    Definately thinking of repainting my entire bike and getting a body kit for my Prelude!

    Definately thumbs up!

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    none, till the boys are older
    post pics
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    in ur gf

    Post a name or a shop address or a phone number.
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    His name is Bon and his e-mail addy is bonzai_rodriguez@hotmail.com.

    He's just setting up his new shop so it doesn't have a sign just yet. But I've directed him to this thread so maybe he can give you more info.

    If you need work done .... he's definately the man. He'll even work with you to design custom made fairings and body work.

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