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Thread: re: your stolen bike experience/horror

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    re: your stolen bike experience/horror

    Commuter Boy posted something I believe to be pretty useful:

    Originally posted by Commuter Boy
    Great! Glad to see some bike theiving scum get to sit before
    a judge and have a finger shaken at them.

    I have no doubt that his lawyer will be more than happy to
    take the postings from the thread as evidence that his client
    has suffered enough due to the nature and number of threats
    directed to his person, causing him to live in fear, bite his fingernails
    and wear mismatched socks to work.

    There might be more to be gained legally by contacting the Crown
    Prosecutor and offering statements from the number of people
    who've had bikes stolen recently about how much agony they've
    gone through, loss of use, ICBC ruining reputations due to
    fraud investigations, etc.

    That might tip the judge to issue a harsher sentance to a
    professional without remorse, who willingly cultivated an
    online personality to meet potential bike owners for the purposes
    of abusing their trust to steal.

    It's all in the sentancing, kiddies. If there's no victims to speak up,
    it's treated much more lightly by the judge. That means a little
    more effort than just showing up looking menacing in leathers.
    That might work to the little prick's favour.

    My 2 cents, worth what you paid for it. I'm glad you had the stones
    and luck to get the ball rolling on him Cosworth, and whoever
    else helped.
    So, how about a big fat thread sharing your difficulties, experiences and headaches after you had your bike stolen from you. Some of the things that Commuter Boy mentioned definitely sound like something a defence lawyer would do so, with that in mind, we'll just make a nice clean thread about how getting your bike stolen has taken a couple of years off your life. Include as much detail as you like.

    If someone wants to compile them in the end, and send them off to the Crown (after getting contact details or what have you from the posters) then do you think that'd help?

    Copy/paste if you've already posted something like this in another thread. I hope this doesn't become redundant.
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    An attempted theft left me with a bike I can't ride and parts back ordered from Japan to fix it.

    16 days without a bike so far...


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    20 days without bike for me.
    Profesional thieves got through chains, locks, security cameras, security gaurd patrols, and magneticly controlled gates in order to get away clean with my motor.
    My bike was 2 months old. I hear that icbc will take 10 percent of what i paid due to depreciation of value. Thats great. i'll pay my deductable and loose another grand on top of that and not be able to replace what i had.
    Hassle you say? Words cant describe it.
    The thieves should be paying out for emotional damages to my girlfreind who has had to put up with my grumpy ass since i lost my bike.

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    attempted robbery last month..

    total days without bike: 17

    cost to icbc (and passed on to every motorist): ~$900

    deductible paid out: $300

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    bike stolen one year from indy. just had a new rear tire put on that morning!!.. 11,500 cost to icbc plus $400.00 for loss of use insurance.. this is why our bike insurance is so expensive. i have road star plus and it cost me $1900.00 a year with $500 deductables.. when i started riding 11 years ago it was $600 a year.. that s a 300+% increase....
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