Where do I start?
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Thread: Where do I start?

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    Where do I start?

    Alrighty, where do I start?....I wanna start riding....

    What I wanna do is ride a sport bike. I've read other threads where they say stuff like "get a off road bike" but the problem is, I have a 89 camry....and a dirt bike wouldn't exactly fit in the trunk.

    So basically, I'm getting the feeling that anything under 600cc's is a good bike to start right?....How much should I expect to dish out for a bike?

    And most of all, there's a problem with the licensing issue and school.... Can you guys recommend me some good schools to go learn at? I live in maple ridge, and I heard there was one in surrey....do they provide bikes for you? Or do you hafta go buy one then, bring it?....And the same for a road test?

    Oh yeah, I'm 5'8", 210lbs, physically fit, I work out n crap, played hockey, raced bmxes and skateboarded....so I'm pretty sure I could handle a bike....just don't know what kind.

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    Start at the begining (or something like that)

    The other thread in this forum on the "Best Bike" handles things pretty nicely on that count:

    Many of the schools will provide bikes, but it's good to have one of your own so you can practice (under supervision and stipulations of your learners and all that). I can't directly recomend a school so I'll leave that up to others on the board. The one in surrey is Action ( http://www.actionmotorcycleschool.com ) and does supply bikes.

    Welcome to the sport!

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    hey Noble., I'm 5'6 and 135lb.. and even I can handle a 600cc bike.. (yamaha R6) so don't worry about your physical fitness.. just take one step at a time.. you'll learn it all . First I would recomended you to take a course at a bike school. where to go? in your area. that I have no idea.. peace out

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    the only thing you need to do before you start a course, is get your learner's permit. just go down to the motor vehicle office and tell them you need the book to study for the class 6 learner's test. read the whole thing, and then go and take the test. (less than 10 minutes) action motorcycle school is absolutley excellent. they offer weekend courses, if it's too much of a commute during the week. they supply a bike, rain gear, helmet and gloves, all you need is a riding jacket and sturdy boots. they might be all booked for the summer, so you should call soon.

    good luck!

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    My suggestion is for you to take a crediable riding school like Action or BC Safety Council. Do Not go out and spend tons on gear at this point. I'm suggesting that you go and get yourself the basics, a decent jean jacket and over the ankle leather boots. The rest should be supplied by the riding school. I recommend that people don't go spend tons of money on gear for two reasons if you've never ridden before. First, Spend the money on the course first and ensure you get proper training. Your dealing with your life here and there is no grey area IMO. People have taken the courses after years of riding and have learned quite a bit. Second, you've never ridden before and believe it or not, not everyone likes it or can get the hang of it. So instead of getting stuck with a bunch of gear you bought, buy it after the course. For these two reasons, spend your money wisely.

    Now once you've gotten your license, don't cheap out on the gear and buy a kickass bike, actually I recommend doin the opposite. Buy kicks ass gear and an older bike for atleast the first year. I'm not suggesting goin out and buying a complete set of leathers, but get good starter stuff (ie. Helmet, gloves, textile jacket with armor @ the least, and maybe riding boots). Start off with a bike that's already taken the depreciation hit and has taken a few tumbles itself. Not everyone, but alot of people drop there bikes and they are expensive to fix. Ride that until your confident and then take it from there.

    But, buy a bike that compliments your abilites. For a starter bike I'd suggest bikes such as a Ninja 250, 500, Suzuki GS500, SV650, Honda F1-2 600, Older VFR or something like that.

    Lastly...strength has nothing to do with riding...unless you picking up your dropped bike... *shutter*.

    thats my 0.02 .
    Ride in peace my friends...

    Being a road crayon sucks....put your gear between you and the pavement.

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    Everything Atom said.
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    Thanks guys, this helps me out a lot.

    All my friends are either off road truckers or import ricers....so I didn't really know anyone I could turn to for advice on this stuff.

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    I third that, very well said Atom.

    Originally posted by SpideRider
    Everything Atom said.
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    I went to Proride and i would definitely recommend you take lessons with them...

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    if you asked everyones opinion on where to take a course I guarentee you that at least 80% will say Action those people are awesome and they really do care and know how to instruct as they are proffesional educators and they learn from the same schools that the real pros do, and besides all that they are a really cool buch of guys to talk to.

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    I went to Proride and I would recommend that one.
    Don't forget that most motorcycle courses are also a tax write-off and you can claim most of the money back at the end of the year- so keep your receipt!
    I also agree with buying better gear and a cheaper bike at first.

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    flying busa
    I totally agree with Atomlowe..
    first bike..cheap and reliable ...this is your learning bike..you've got about one or two season to prove that you can survive..
    invest in good gear..very important..deserves 4 stars.
    ..get experience..get some mileage...then after 10,000km or more of out of city riding on some twisty highways and surviving without a major accident..
    you might want to consider a newer bike that will be last you two or more years...but most important.'TAKE A COURSE" from a school...definitely a must.
    So have fun..ride safe, shoulder check, and keep learning.

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    I think that all was well said and hopefully learned advice.Learning how to ride from a professional school that has very good crudentails will for sure make you a more aware,defensive and better rider.I tell yah if it wasn't for me taking a course I would have been a pretty face as a hood or trunk ornament.People don't see you and half of the time don't care about you,they will look you straight in the eyes and still cut you off,try and pass you in the same lane as your turning,all kinds of shit that just makes you wonder why half these people have licences.Like I said if it wasn't for learning to be a safe and defensive rider and driver I would have been seriously hurt by now,so do take the advice of a good school,good gear and a cheap but safe bike.You look cooler being a good rider on a cheap ass bike than a rider wobbling around,turning corners almost bailing,driving into the back,front or side of somebody on a brand new expensive bike.Usually the new bike don't look so new after your inexperience has bailed it.
    Oh and by the way I got a little 2002 Ninja 250 for sale if you want,still got the warranty too,great learner bike and cheap on gas to let you practice your heart out for a month plus on 15 bucks.
    Good Luck!!

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    First thing first is get your learners and then go a motorcycle school. Recommend school is ACTION, they are great. I went there and the staff there are just superior~. They will teach you the basics of riding and if you ask them nicely they might teach you wheelie and endo! hahahaa j/k. But yeah try ACTION.
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    GSXR-Kell, how much are you asking for for the 250?

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