My partner and I are setting up a motorcycle tour company and made the mistake of looking at the weather channel, being thus lied to, we've decided to do a ten day ride to scout out thru the rockies starting Thursday May 29th.

Anyone interested spur of the moment in going for a ten day spin?

We will be heading out from DT Vancouver and Coffee at Delany's (1105 Denman St.) around 11:00 or noon provided my business partners bike is out of the shop. The exact departure time is a bit up in the air so PM me in the morning, we may have to delay a day if the mechanical condition of my partners bike dictates.

Iternerary is as follows:
1 - Vancouver to Sun Peaks via S2S and Duffy Lake
2 - Sun Peaks to Silverstar via 5, 5a, 3,33 and 97
3 - Silver Star to Revelstoke via 6, 23
and parkway
4 - Revelstoke to Banff via 1, 93 and 1 again
5 - Banff to Banff (loop ride) exploring optional routs
6 - Banff to Kimberly with a stop at Fairmount hotsprings
7 - Kimberly to Nelson via 95, Old Kimberly Road, 95,3,3a, 31, 31a and 6
8 - Local loop rides out of Nelson
9 - Nelson to Manning Park
10 - Maning Park to Vancouver via Lytton and Lillooet

Riding will be about 500 km a day on average, so a light romp. Focus is on stuffing as many Destination Highways into the ride as possible.

This is a partially exploratory run to see how many optional rides we can find for the tour, there will also be a lot of painful Power Shriner antics as we suss out hotels etc. But anyone who has the time, money and inclanation is more than welcome to attend, come part or whole of the ride.