To a Lost Hero...
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Thread: To a Lost Hero...

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    To a Lost Hero...

    RIP David Jefferies You will be missed.


    David Jefferies has been killed and Jim Moodie injured during practice for the Isle of Man TT on Thursday afternoon.

    Jefferies, 30, was riding a TAS Suzuki GSX-R1000 when he crashed at Crosby. Triumph rider Moodie was injured when he crashed into the wreckage. There is no news on what caused Jefferies’ crash at the moment – but it is believed that another bike dumped oil on the road shortly before the incident.

    Moodie was airlifted to Douglas hospital with injuries to his neck after getting tangled in telephone wires strewn across the road when Jefferies’ bike hit a telegraph pole.

    His injuries were not serious however and he has decided to go back out on the bike on Friday after doctors gave him the all clear.

    " The death of David has left the team shocked and devastated. Not only had David become a very close personal friend of the whole team, but he was a fantastic motorcycle rider and a real ambassador for our sport. Our thoughts are with Pauline, Tony and the rest of his family circle now and their tragic loss, " said TAS Suzuki team manager, Philip Neill.

    Suzuki GB sales and marketing director Mr Ichiro Kondo released a statement expressing his shock at the news. He said: " Obviously we are very shocked and saddened by the tragic news about the death of David Jefferies at the TT races. He was a great rider, but above all he was a great man. We pass on our deepest sympathies to his family on their immense loss. "

    MonsterMob Ducati’s John McGuinness was following Jefferies but managed to stop before crashing and was able to return to the pits safely.

    No other riders have been involved or injured.

    The afternoon session was stopped immediately while the road was cleared although the sidecar practice session went ahead at 3.30pm.

    MCN will continue to update this story as more news comes through.

    His guestbook can be found at his personal site here:
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    RIP rider.
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    Jeffries was amazing. One of my fave riders on my fave track on my fave bike.

    Takes a real man to race there.

    I hope his family can take solace in the world's admiration and the fact he persihed doing what he loved.

    Name - David Jefferies
    Date of Birth - 18 September 1972
    Home Town - Shipley, West Yorkshire
    Occupation Professional - Motorcycle Racer
    Age - 30
    Marital Status - Single
    Height / Weight - 6'2" / 14 stone
    Favourite Food - Italian
    Current Road Bike - BMW R1150GS
    Current Car - Mitsubishi Shogun Evolution
    Current M/X Bike - Honda CRF450
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    Dream Car - Dodge Viper
    Dream Race Bike - Honda V5
    Best Race Bike - Ridden Yamaha R7
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    Top Gun
    The Shawshank Redemption
    Favourite Music - All the songs everyone else likes
    Favourite UK Circuit - Oulton Park/Brands Hatch (Long)
    Favourite International Circuit - Brno - Czechoslovakia
    Hobbies -
    Mountain Biking
    4x4 Racing
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    Its a sad day in racing...RIP Racer.

    Also my favourite tracks and one of the most dangerous.
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    RIP to an IoM TT legend

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    ....but he is probably still racing, just this time there are no team bosses, and no budget.

    The TT claims another legend
    R.I.P. Dan and Cody

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    R.I.P Racer

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    Sad but not surprising on a circuit like IOM. RIP DJ.

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    RIP DJ
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    Definitely unfortunate. Most saddening

    Hardly surprising, now with all those ponies under the tank.

    I'm thankful Bostrom(pretty sure it was him) held out with his blown back tire there the other night. brought it all the way down from 180 mph with no serious damage!

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    What incredibly sad news. He was an unbelieveable racer (3 race wins, three TT years in a row) and seemed to be a real humble, genuine human being. How tragic. It's not going to be the same without him.

    If there's a heaven and it has roads, he's probably up there right now, scratching around with Joey Dunlop.

    I'm sure Speed Channel's '03 TT coverage, which starts next week, will include a fitting tribute to this great racer. Everybody watch for it.

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    RIP Dave J. I watched him tear it up live at the IOM in 2000. First Joey Dunlop and now David Jeffries.

    If you ever get the chance to attend the IOM TT you must go. The TV does not give any indication as to how fast they guys really go.

    At one of my vantage points I watch David crest a small hill at around 250km/h and carry a 3 foot high wheely for about the length of a soccer field. This was purely him just staying on the gas -- no fear whatsoever.

    As you can well imagine, the course offers next to no safety other than you won't come across any cars coming the other way.

    David will be missed.

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    Oh man, that is terrible news. That guy was a motorcycle god, he was so unbelievably good. It takes a set of big heavy brass ones to run that race, especially at an average speed of 125mph.

    Honestly, I can't believe they still allow that race to exist in today's PC world. Could you imagine ever having that race in Canada? I'm sure someone dies every year.

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    Originally posted by Comet
    Honestly, I can't believe they still allow that race to exist in today's PC world. Could you imagine ever having that race in Canada? I'm sure someone dies every year.

    I know. That's the incredible thing, the race itself continues despite the deaths. If it was held in NA I'm sure they would have stopped it by now.
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