How far can we go? May 30/June 1
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Thread: How far can we go? May 30/June 1

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    Cool How far can we go? May 31/June 1

    Hey there,

    Do you need to get out of the city? I do and I would like to leave Van. early Saturday morning May 31 on the 99 to Cache Creek or beyond? My plan is to camp overnight and get intouch with nature....BBQ etc. relax. Eat. Then head back on Sunday morning on the 1. I am open to suggestions along the way. Let me know if your interested. Have fun and be safe!

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    Jason R
    I might be in, I'll have to see tomorrow. Oh man not another Jason, I think that's #10 or somethin maybe more I was with three other Jasons from bcsb tonight hah.

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    Looks like we'll have enough "Jason" for our own club then! That would be confusing.

    I'd like to try and leave early Sat like 6:00am? Do you have any camping gear or is a bench and fire good enough? I have a bag of tricks with me.

    Send me a pm if your going and we'll meet up


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    OOOOOPS! I just learned that Cache Creek is BC's largest land fill! AND it is simply not a nice place to be! SO how do I change this destiniation? Perhaps Lillooet would be nice...... I am going to take a gander at the destination HWY's and find something interesting. ..I just want to ride and ride and ride and still camp overnight though...

    Is there anyone into twisties and camping? C'mon lets go! Sure you can take it easy on the bottle tonight and get your ss outa bed...???

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    Jason R
    Sorry I didn't respond I ended up going away for the weekend.

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    No prob. I put on 1400km Sat and Sun! Hooked up with a few travellers here and there. Ended up all over...Lillooet, Savona (and back), Lake Williams, Lytton and back to Lillooet, and home- What a blast! Those roads are amazing!

    Mabey next time.

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